MTU - Friedrichshafen

MTU - Friedrichshafen is a German company located in the south of Germany. Previously a division of DaimlerChrysler, it is now a product of Rolls-Royer Power Systems, it shares the quality and high standards of all the Daimler and Rolls-Royce companies. Initially dedicated to the marine and railway market, now MTU's products cover a wide range of applications for high speed diesel engines (1200 - 2000 rpm) with the recent introduction in the higher range of the 20V8000 engine, a 20 cylinder engine with 347 liter displacement and in the lower range of the 1600 series (6 to 12 Cylinders with displacement of 1.75 liters per cylinder). After its MDEC, MTU uses now the ADEC electronic controls for fuel economy and emission controls. This unique control system can handle up to 20 injectors.

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